Photo Gallery

Here is a gallery of images of our projects, services, and equipment.

Asbestos Abatement

Only a contractor licensed through the California Department of Industrial Relations are allowed to provide asbestos abatement. All Katch Environmental employees are trained and certified at the supervisory level. DOSH registration #969

Katch Environmental Vehicles and Equipment

Below are some of the vehicles and equipment used at Katch Environmental to provide excellent service for all our customer needs.

Mold Inspections

Get mold issues taken care of right away. Most frequent health symptoms caused by mold exposure are: cold and flu symptoms; chronic fatigue; memory loss; loss of concentration; difficulties in logical thinking; clear, thin, watery mucus from nose; coughing and sore lungs; difficulty breathing, sinusitis, redness in the whites of the eyes; skin rashes; and sneezing.

Helm Home Restoration Project

This home is one of the few examples of mission-style architecture in Fresno. In the early 20th century it was misleadingly used in brochure illustrations by M. Theo Kearney to depict a “typical” Fresno home. After standing empty for many years, the building was restored in 2013 by Katch Environmental.
Source: Local Register of Historic Resources
News: The Fresno Bee


At Katch Environmental, we provide demolition services for all types of buildings. Our commercial, industrial, and residential demolitions are done within budget, on-time, and with the highest safety in mind.