Building Restoration & Preservation

As one of Fresno’s esteemed historic preservation contractors, Katch Environmental takes pride in our legacy of restoring numerous buildings listed on the historic register. We understand the unique craftsmanship and construction methods employed in structures erected a century ago, recognizing the importance of preserving their historical integrity. With specialized training and honed skills, our team is adept at maintaining the historical accuracy of homes and buildings, ensuring meticulous restoration that pays homage to their original architectural marvels.

At Katch Environmental, we bring a wealth of expertise to every preservation project, employing techniques and materials that align with the historical period of the structure. We acknowledge that homes built a century ago possess distinctive characteristics and craftsmanship, and our commitment is to preserve these elements while ensuring structural integrity and longevity. Our dedication to historical accuracy is showcased in our portfolio of successfully restored buildings. We invite you to contact us for references, allowing you to witness firsthand the quality and authenticity of our historic preservation work. Trust Katch Environmental to safeguard the legacy and charm of your historic home or building with precision, skill, and a profound respect for its heritage.