Precision Excavation & Trenching Services

Efficient Solutions with Cutting-Edge Equipment for Abandoned Pipelines, USTs, and Wells

At Katch Environmental, we prioritize precision and efficiency in our excavation and trenching services, leveraging cutting-edge equipment such as our Final Tier 4 CAT Excavators and other advanced machinery. Our expertise extends to a wide array of projects, including the removal of abandoned pipelines, Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), and wells. With a paramount focus on worker safety, we adhere strictly to industry regulations and best practices to ensure a safe working environment throughout the project duration.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we aim for nothing less than exceptional results in every endeavor. We understand the urgency often associated with such projects, which is why we guarantee not only top-notch quality but also swift and efficient service delivery. At Katch Environmental, our team combines technical proficiency with a dedication to completing tasks promptly without compromising on safety or precision. Whether it’s excavation for pipelines, UST removal, or well decommissioning, trust us to handle your project with the utmost care, ensuring high-quality outcomes and a streamlined process from start to finish.