Lead Inspection & Abatement

Expert Commercial & Residential Lead Remediation Services

Lead exposure poses a significant risk in various residential and commercial settings, demanding specialized attention and professional remediation. At our company, we address lead-related concerns comprehensively, offering thorough inspections and safe remediation of lead-containing materials using cutting-edge technology and expert services.


Lead Inspection / Risk Assessor

Paul Katchadourian, licensed by the California Department of Public Health as a Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor, leads our team in conducting meticulous inspections for lead in buildings, soil, and water. Utilizing our XRF (X-ray fluorescence analyzer), we test for lead-based paint non-destructively, ensuring accurate detection without surface damage. In instances where elevated lead levels are found in a child’s blood, Katch Environmental performs risk assessments to pinpoint the lead poisoning source.  

Lead Project Monitor and Supervisor

With certifications in Lead Project Monitoring and Supervision, Paul Katchadourian oversees compliance with lead abatement laws, ensuring safe and lawful practices during remediation projects.


Lead Workers

Additionally, our dedicated team of employees is licensed Lead Workers under the California Department of Public Health, ensuring expertise and adherence to safety standards in every lead abatement job we undertake.

License numbers I-18299, M-18299, S-18299 signify our commitment to professionalism and compliance in all aspects of lead inspection and remediation services.